I was there, and you were with me.

We dwelt together in the depths of forever, yet there was no time.

Never too much.

Never too little.

Never, even, enough.

Only the peace of the garden without. The silent stillness of being, within.

If our human hearts could touch the love we shared, they would surely burst.


Yet we awoke


With an emptiness unknown before.


We had always loved her, the Great Tree of Life

But we awoke to know she was different from us.

She could change.

She blossomed with flower, unfolded with leaf. She bore fruit.

Her flowers would wither, her leaves dry up and fall away. Her fruit may rot.

And yet through her seasons, one thing always changed.

She grew.


And you and I, together under her boughs, found that we did not grow.

We wanted growing, like nothing else.

And we awoke within ourselves, the Serpent.


And she sighed and heaved, for her decision was heavy, and her branches drooped with the weight of it.

Yet we endured her scrutiny, and her apples fell freely into our open hands.

And thus, we came ourselves,

Naked and hand in hand

To our own Initiation.


She clad us in old gray leaves

And circled us around a great dancing bonfire

Fueled by her own blood of broken branches.

We sat together, trembling, touching.

The masters came, cloaked in the deepest black among the shadows.

Great masters, those we had once known, yet somehow had left this place, and we had forgotten them.

They now returned, like the shadows of ghosts.

So many rising up, returning.


And her soft voice echoed among her branches.

The desire for growth, for knowledge has awoken within you.

I grant it to you, yet it comes at a heavy price.

None may receive such power if ill prepared to wield it.

It would fill you, derange you and utterly destroy you, for you are babes, innocent and fragile.

Thus the journey begins.


This place will be nothing but a whimsy of the imagination,

A faded fragment of a dream,

A whisper buried beneath a thousand roaring voices.

You will be naked

And shameful of it

Because you will have forgotten.

This is the burden you must bear.

Yet we do not leave you helpless.

Go with the Trinity, the gifts of the Divine.

The Apple gives the gift of the Mind, the gateway to knowledge. It will bring you contemplation and endless vexing chatter.

The Masters give the gift of the Heart. They shall be with you always, disguised as the sleepers, the hopeless sinners, so that you may be tested and learn compassion and solitude. The Heart will bring you hope and despair.

And I, the Tree of Life, give you Will, a fire of my blood, flaming deep in your bellies. It will bring you strength and clarity. Let it be your beacon, for it is the only way Home.


A hunger raged in our bellies,

And we ate of the sweet apples resting in our hands.

And its magic began pulsing through us.


Then the animals came.

Horses and wolves and ravens and eagles and bears and owls and steeds and all manner of creatures

Snatched us from our bodies and bore us down, down, denser, deeper, thicker

To Earth.


There is great trial and tribulation here.

Forty days and forty nights and more.

Sometimes we sink.

Sometimes we drown.

But we are strong swimmers now, and I will not let you go.

And you will not let me go.


Somewhere our bodies still sit together, warm and bright.

Trembling and touching.

I see your face now.

I know that face.

Yes, yes! I know those eyes.

For even on Earth, we may find our homecoming.

How I love you.


About Andrea

My name is Andrea. I grew up on the east coast of Florida, yet throughout my life have bopped around to live in Wisconsin, Mississippi, California, Georgia, and at the moment Massachusetts. I am a wife and mother of three, the youngest having Down Syndrome. I love dancing, laughing, contemplating, travelling, deep conversation and reading. I am a spiritual explorer. And really, all of this description is just superfluous. Really I am just as we all are; Divine conciousness discovering itself, playing the game of life.

9 responses to “Eden

  1. You wake me this morning while I am having trouble shaking off sleep; my body longs to curl back up and enter dark caves of dreaming again. Your words straddle an even larger threshold, pulling me back to memory buried. This time you describe – it isn’t before now, but still going on, isn’t it? When you woke me, I think I was closing my eyes and letting my body, my dense body, go through the motions while I was resting in this other place. You sound like the voice there that urged me to return to my choice for growth, to return to the farthest branch out on the dark reaches of here. I am feeling every inch of me, looking for the invisible string to find the trail back. Your words push me out, but also tether me back. Your memories, being the same as mine upon waking this morning, push and pull me; am I dreaming of life, or dreaming of return? Sister, mother, friend, you amaze me. xo! m

    • The recognition of ancient friendships is the fuel that sustains me sometimes, and the understanding that difficulty and selfless giving, even to the point of exhaustion or despair, are sometimes the medicine I need.

      I am comforted to have found my circle of friends, and I know them in my heart. I remember the faces, the energies, of each one, and I find great solace in that.

      Push and pull, I think we are here sometimes http://lifeasimprov.com/2014/03/25/swab/

      Swab swab swab! And I scrub the decks till my fingers burn, yet I am the captain of this ship.

  2. Amanda

    Love comes softly. Thank you my friend. 🙂

  3. I want to print this and tack it to trees in the forest near my home, to print forty copies and bind them in a leather book to keep nearby on the shelf, to pull up the carpet in my office and jack hammer out the floor slab one night at 2 AM and place a clean copy in the dirt underneath and then put the pieces back like nothing happened, to fold it and put a ribbon on it and hang it from the overpass everyone drives under in the morning as they make their way in the direction of the sun, to translate it into a molecule that I can put in a glass of water and drink, and that will visit each one of my cells and offer its message.

    (I also really liked the part with the animals.)

    This is all to basically say that I don’t know what to say after reading that twice, other than to say I think I’ll read it again.


  4. Wowee, not that’s some love! I am delighted you enjoyed it. I have had this feeling brewing in my mind for a while, of my tribe positioned around a mystical campfire in paradise, al of us in a trance or dream of earth living. I love that you imagine pulling up the floor at 2 AM and infusing molecules with magic. My kind of dreamer. 😉 I am honored to sit around the campfire with you sir! Now, if only we could find the marshmallows… 🙂

  5. flyinginether

    Wooh — this is really good. Enjoyed it a couple of times

    Date: Wed, 7 May 2014 02:53:49 +0000 To: kthartman@hotmail.com

  6. I only own two necklaces. Both of them remind me of important things. There is a plan in the works this summer to bury one of them under a special tree at my secret beach. The other one has a silver charm on it that is the tree of life, the tree of knowledge of good and evil 🙂 .

    So packed with deep meaning A. So beautifully shared. -x.M

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