Triumph of Springtime!


There are three dogs in my front yard.  A small, poorly groomed poodle, resembling a large yet happy rodent (all my doing, PetSmart will never hire me) named Sunshine, a cheerful medium sized brown dog named Scooby,  running mostly in circles due to a leg  injury from a car, and an enormous beast of a black dog who nearly gave me a heart attack when I first met her, as I thought she was a very fat wolf.  She is not, however, a wolf, but a very mellow and kindhearted old girl named Goose, who meanders into our yard and allows my own frisky poodle to sniff her in all the wrong places.


Along with these dogs there are six children, three of which are mine.  There are three girls, first my own daughter, the beautiful, dragon obsessed little war monger, keen on wearing a crown made of construction paper stapled with green leaves, grabbing long sticks and fighting against the boys with her improvised ninja moves and dragon fire.  Her friend, a very gentle, kind and lovely girl, patiently playing most invented games and occasionally focusing my daughter on some organized sport.  They make a good pair.  These two are 11 and 10, developing into stunning  young women as seen through a shrewd  mother’s eye, though they still have no idea of it.  Finally there is our graceful neighbor, a girl of 13, who humors them and saunters behind, mostly texting on her phone but donning the leaf crown and taunting the boys on occasion.

audrey legs

As for boys, my oldest son…ah.  Speak of the devil.  I have just been interrupted by a snowball consisting of mostly ice flying through the open kitchen window, along with his sweet little voice yelling “Hey girls!”.    But how could he know the window was open on this, our first true spring day?  And how could he know that the girls had abandoned the battle in search of some quiet time drawing and gossiping upstairs?  I am not angry.  I am delighted.

Please no more snowballs through the open window.

 Oops sorry mom!

A big smile and flare of red embarrassment as he dashes off with his friend, another beautiful blue eyed child, with a smile hiding much mischief.  I find it hard not to pinch their cheeks.  As they charge off I hear their belts of chains rattling.  These chains were discovered somewhere in the depths of the garage, and are now used as belt-holsters carrying a variety of loaded water guns.


Then there is Nicholas, my partner in crime, and for most of the day he has been a member of the audience with me.  We sit on a blanket and watch the commotion unfold for a while, I read a little and he plays with his toys.  A soccer ball narrowly misses my head here.  Two children tackle each other upon my legs and as they dust off I am informed that it is not their fault, as this particular blanket is official Base.  Children come and go from my Base Headquarters Blanket, telling me of bugs they have found, asking me to watch tricks they can do, and tattling on each other.

There is such freedom and energy here today.    There have been marriage proposals and banishments and custody fights over animals.  There have been soccer games and tree climbing and battles among the rocks.  There have been strawberries and  meringues and root beer and hot popcorn  and mud pies stuffed with pine needles and apple cores.  There have been naked trees with bare arms dancing in supplication to their sun and fat little chick-a-dees whizzing and twittering among pregnant bird feeders. There has been a sky so blue that tears formed in my eyes to behold it.

Naturally there were also a few casualties; the untimely disappearance of a lego minifigure, a variety of soaked clothing articles, a few temporarily lost tempers and an unfortunate incident with dog poo.

But the clothes and one pair of sneakers spin happily now in the washing machine, and I am all together twitterpated with Mother Nature and lusty for tulips and dandelions.

There is life here today, on this beautiful spring entrance.  Bloom baby bloom.


About Andrea

My name is Andrea. I grew up on the east coast of Florida, yet throughout my life have bopped around to live in Wisconsin, Mississippi, California, Georgia, and at the moment Massachusetts. I am a wife and mother of three, the youngest having Down Syndrome. I love dancing, laughing, contemplating, travelling, deep conversation and reading. I am a spiritual explorer. And really, all of this description is just superfluous. Really I am just as we all are; Divine conciousness discovering itself, playing the game of life.

12 responses to “Triumph of Springtime!

  1. I think you just added two years to my life. Your writing is a joyous reminder of living immersed in the delicious Moment. I have little to add, but I am trying to partake. Spring is slower to arrive here, so I am on the back deck, in hat and mittens, staring at stars, listening to a long lost Radiohead album, and now dreaming of a youthful kickball game in the cul de sac.

    Thank you…


    • Extra two years! Bonus! You know, Michael, reading your comment you ALMOST made me miss that chilly night sky. Almost. Wherever you are, I wish you a quick arriving and glorious springtime, filled with all the birds and flowers and twitterpation that could possibly be allowed. 😉

  2. Mimi

    So enjoyed your Triumph of Springtime! It was beautiful, like all the children and animals described – and made me smile thinking about those first days of spring, long ago in Wisconsin, when we could finally sit outside on a blanket and enjoy the weather! Thank you for those memories.

  3. Amanda

    Lovely, lovely! We had another twin moment, you there and me here. I dodged the dog incident but gained an entire patio caked in mud. It was worth every second. When new growth scented moisture creeps into the spring breeze and hydrates my lungs it energizes me. Yea spring!

  4. Oh A! What a wonderful share of living while being in these precious numbered moments of breath found in clay forms! In my personal experience, there are no better places for opening, remembering and being with the home presence in master teachers than time spent with nature and children…both very readily and very often bring tears of deep joy to my eyes.

    I had forgotten about precious little Flower! (I remembered Thumper, though).

    There is such intense beauty of the creation of artists who take chain and turn it into functional apparel, every bit as stunning and important as a bit of clay and purple paint formed to hold liquid in the ritual taking of tea. Pictures help anchor the light of living as we wire memory and rewire meaning from time to time. It is a way to time travel and track experience and progress. It takes a bit of extra effort up front, but I find with a cell phone usually close at hand, inspiration strikes at funny times in my life flow, too.

    The art of your life and living is so incredibly beautiful as I am gifted a peek. Fleeting moments in the passing of eternity that are as powerful as any one human could gift to another.

    Conscious parenting is one of the most holy states of being I can think of on this planet. I bow and send you masses of love and a few carved quiet moments for mum to also just be… just being A. xx


    (I tend to be an earlier awaken-er by a bit in my home. I often feel a quiet luxuriousness in the stillness of home in the morning before I activate being her indoors* which comes on line with the awakening of N 🙂 *northern slang for wife

    • Perhaps we can get you stuck in Boston or Providence sometime and you can conquer the boulder and possibly procure some stick weaponry, along with whatever other capers are on the menu that day. Though I promise, when we are all sun burnt and tired, we will settle down with a hot cup of tea and some other delicious treats. I so agree with the ‘quiet luxuriousness’ of stillness, though I rarely roll out of bed for it these days…ha!

  5. Gracious… in my moment of writing from flashes of deep joy, I forgot to say to please please please give that sweet little white face big kisses from a crazy cat lady on the west coast. There is Sunshine in my soul today!!! -x.M

    • That little white face much loves his kisses! If he can ever get his paws on you he will certainly persuade you to the nearest bed where he tunnel under the sheets and curl up in your ‘knee pit’ as my children call it. Sunshine in the soul! Such a warmth and light!

  6. Ah, what a gifting of a day through your words – I not only visited you and your crew, but also time-traveled into our more interesting and free flowing days of yesterdays. To be present, really there, in the moment through the magical time flow of the days of childhood a second time as mom was alone worth the trip to this planet, it seems to me today! xo! mud mom sister friend.

  7. Mud sister mom friend! We should start a rock band. I will take you time traveling whenever you wish, my lady. Lots of capers to go around!

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