Tuning In

Trees, with their roots deep in the Earth and branches reaching toward the heavens, have always filled me with the curious suspicion that they are actually divine antennas, relaying to the Earth the energy and messages of the Divine, or whatever code word we use for divinity in our own lives. And sometimes I wonder, are we humans much different?  Yes, we can claim our own will, and heart, and mind.  But can we align those three things, strengthen them, like the trunk of a mighty oak tree, and become divine antennas ourselves?


Today I noticed a tree in my yard.  It is growing, and I know it is growing, not because it looks larger, but because it looks awkward. One spindly branch has launched itself high above its peers, with one flat leaf blowing in the wind, like a flag on a staff.  For all its thinness, the branch is surprisingly strong in the wind, erect in its stance.  The little branch is like a backbone, learning from the tree’s own trunk about strength and vigor and growth.


Can we also grow?  Can we strengthen and nourish our trunk, and then launch ourselves into better human beings?  I think we can, as long as we don’t mind looking a little awkward sometimes, even feeling a little awkward as we fumble around with growth, trying to find our personal path towards the sun.  The branch is not embarrassed to change.  It is not too busy blowing in the wind to try, or afraid to stand out from its peers.  Nor is it proud or judgmental when it succeeds in its own personal growth and stands above the other branches. It just simply does what it is meant to do.  Grow.


And that skinny branch, for all its different-ness and aloneness, is free in the breeze and the sun, free to know the sky in all its vastness.  It becomes comfortable in its new place, and perhaps the lower little tree limbs begin to feel these sensations too. Yet the branch is ever silent, showing a path for them by its own beingness, its own existence.  The others are welcome to join him, to seize their own paths and opportunities for growth.  And then, maybe, the branch will grow.  Again.Image


About Andrea

My name is Andrea. I grew up on the east coast of Florida, yet throughout my life have bopped around to live in Wisconsin, Mississippi, California, Georgia, and at the moment Massachusetts. I am a wife and mother of three, the youngest having Down Syndrome. I love dancing, laughing, contemplating, travelling, deep conversation and reading. I am a spiritual explorer. And really, all of this description is just superfluous. Really I am just as we all are; Divine conciousness discovering itself, playing the game of life.

5 responses to “Tuning In

  1. How delightful to find the share of such deep meaning from observations that are usually missed. We have been gifted such beauty and wonderment available on the surface level of seeing and living life. For me, nature has always been the clearest and the deepest teacher around me offering thousands of ways back into the truth of home hugging me as I move in the world each day.

    EXCELLENT post with such wonderful reminders to find waiting for me in the reader today. Congratulations on contributing such a powerful and clear voice to the world as we remember together. -xo.M

    I LOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE trees 🙂 http://seeingm.wordpress.com/2013/03/10/heard-it-too-many-times-to-ignore-it/

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  3. Oh so lovely to see you here Ms. A, sister from the River. (I sent you a FB message to say hello, but I imagine it disappeared) I was so moved with your deep and fresh connections with the trees and we. The awkward spurts, the skyward reach and the grounding roots awaken with me such gratitude for getting to live among such enormous wisdom. When my kids were very young, I went through a dark night time and I credit the trees in part for helping me through. I lived in a house surrounded by enormous oaks and their strength and stability reached out to me; I became a shameless tree hugger 🙂 Ever silent, growing on, your words offer me courage to remember to grow like the trees. Much Love to you! Marga

    • Marga, I am so glad to have found you! I have fixed FB’s grievous error. 😉 Yes, my sister from the river. More magic happened that day that I could have wished for, amazing open wise women surround me and I am thankful. I would love to hear more about your trees one day, I deeply believe that they draw us to them, like a friend or a lover. I am so intrigued by people’s experiences with them. I look forward to many more intimate chats, even if they must be over the internet! Much love to you, my fellow tree hugger! Love, A

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